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ISO publishes its Foresight Report for the future trends

In its report, International Organization for Standardization, ISO listed the future trends, and the drivers of the change that will shape future life and emphasized that having and complying with standards in the future will continue to support developments in the future as well.

We, as Digitosphere, follow the future trends that shape the future and share the developments in those trends with our readers. For this reason, many trend titles discussed in the ISO report are similar to the category titles on our site, and we find it noteworthy that institutions are analyzing these trends.

Trends in which the developments that shape the future are experienced are discussed in 6 categories: Society, Technology, Environment, Economy, Politics, and Science.

In the report of ISO, Age groups, Consumption, Movement of people, Prosperity, Tech risks, and The changing nature of work trends are listed under the Society category. In the Technology category, Computing, Connectivity, Cyber-physical Systems, and Smart Manufacturing trends were discussed. When considering the Energy and Environmental degradation trends under the Environment category; Power transition in the Politics category; Biotechnology trends were included in the Science category.

It is possible to examine the relationship of each trend with each other on the graphic on the ISO site. In this sample screenshot, you can see how Autonomous vehicles relate to other trends.

You can access the research report about the future trends at the following link: